Project (Runway) Challenge: Chicken Wire and Mason Jars

What are all the best dressed jars wearing this fall?

Chicken Wire and Mason Jars

Why Chicken wire of course...

This month's Project Challenge is Chicken wire or screening... I chose chicken wire because of it's sharp appeal on this season's glass jar projects.

Today I'm using Mason Jars, canning jars, and or pasta jars to show you just how easy it is to combine glass jars with chicken wire and get an easy DIY Project [Runway] that is a perfect fit for the upcoming season.

First up is the pasta jar... 

Free after dinner and with great lines, this jar begins its transformation by being fitted with a cork top. 

Get ready because this Plain Jane is about to get a makeover...

Chicken Wire and Mason Jars

Wrapped in a chicken wire jacket you can already see the magic of this stunning ensemble.

A finial is added to the cork top and tiny measuring spoons for added bling...

This jar is ready for a night out! 

Tres Chic!

Chicken Wire and Mason Jars

Next up is the rusty look... 

A few repurposed hardware embellishments at the neckline and a fringed paint cloth scarf lends a casual rustic look to this jar...

Perfect for a weekend picnic with friends.

Chicken Wire and Mason Jars

Chicken Wire and Mason Jars

Another runway favorite is the twins wearing chicken wire flower frogs... 

Cut a circle the size of a Mason jar lid using either chicken wire or hardware cloth to create a beautiful way to display Fall flowers.

Paint up the the Mason jars in your favorite color and these beauties are decked out for the season and ready for their debut.

Chicken Wire and Mason Jars

Chicken Wire and Mason Jars

As you have seen, jars and chicken wire are all the rage this season.

Quick and easy DIY projects that won't break the budget.

Chicken Wire and Mason Jars

Now please before you go...

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