Building a Fire Pit

Here is how we built a DIY fire pit in a weekend.

Sometimes the job doesn't seem as enormous as it is until you're in the middle of it! 

This is our yard before...

The muddy corner where nothing grew because it was all shade and our two dogs ran through it all day.
How to build a fire pit in a muddy corner of the yard.

Meet the culprits:
   Kirby            &              Kody 

Here is what we did about it...

Step #1:
Mark off the space and lay a border.

Using plastic edging to create a boarder for pea gravel.

Step #2:
Decide where you want to put the fire pit.  

We used Nicolock Pavers. A circle will require 15 stones.
How to build a fire pit in a weekend.

We started with the first layer, working diligently to make it level.

We added the next 3 levels on top of the first. 

You can use cement or a non combustable adhesive if you wish. 

These blocks are heavy and don't move easily!
How to build a DIY backyard fire pit in a weekend.

Step #3:

Spray weed killer and cover the ground with a black weed barrier.
Step by step instructions on how to build a DIY backyard fire pit.

I did this part... check out the pink work gloves.

Step #4:

Start hauling wheelbarrow-full after wheelbarrow-full of pea gravel from the front driveway to the back yard. 
How to build a backyard fire pit in a few days.

How to add pea gravel to a backyard fire pit area.

Somewhere about half way through, we were thinking about calling in some help. 

I've gotta hand it to my husband, he did not quit!

As you can see I was totally about the decorating. I was putting out the pots as fast as Jim could get down the gravel.
Build a brick fire pit in a weekend.

The yard was turning out great!
This is the back gate to our friends house... 

The old fence badly needs to be replaced!

Replacing the fence and adding a backyard fire pit!

Step #5:

Sit down and relax!

DIY fire pit in a weekend.

Check out the cool ladder I made for the corner!
Ready for the cover? 
I also built a stylish cover for the fire pit that made it double as a coffee table when not in use!

Backyard planters and garden junk by the fire pit.

Soon after we replaced the fence and the yard took on a whole new look!

How to add a pea gravel and brick fire pit in the backyard.

A while later we added a small removable metal fire pit (found on the side of the road) to the inside of the brick fire pit for days when a smaller fire is all you need.

Outdoor fire pit area with DIY fire pit.

And though it wasn't an easy job by any means, together we got it done!

(and then we went out to dinner because we were too tired to cook!) 

Notice the sweaty heart on his shirt?
He worked really hard to make my idea come true!

Here is another updated photo of our fire pit with a new fence which made all the difference in our yard!

Outdoor fire pit with pea gravel surround in a weekend.

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