How to Make a Demijohn with Macrame

Today I'm attempting to make a knock off project
of a beautiful demijohn.

bottle with string macrame

I was the macrame champion of 1977. 

Not really but I did macrame all day long back then.

Here's a great antique bottle that is going to my next attempt at macrame.

antique bottle

First I wrapped the waxed string around the spout about 5 times. 

Then I hitched on about 10 lengths of string, they should be about three times the length of the bottle. 

Make square knots tying together 2 pieces of string, one from the left and one from the right. 

Move over to the next two pieces, and keep going around the bottle.

amber bottle with macrame string

Make your knots farther apart as you get to the wider part of the bottle.

antique bottle with macrame

When you get to the bottom, pull your knots tight again.

bottom of jar string tie off

And end your pieces of string with tight knots.

Macrame string in knots around bottle

Amber antique bottle with macrame

Demijohn with white dishes

This was really not that hard to do, 

especially if you were the macrame queen of 1977! 

Give it a try! 

And check out this Antique Demijohn I found at a 
thrift store! 

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