Post and Rail Fence & Decor

6:00:00 AM

We put in another DIY fence yesterday....
once again... picked one of the hottest days of the year...

That's my house back there... 
We recently had to have the 50 foot pine trees cut down that separated us from our neighbors. 

The houses are pretty close together in our neighborhood... 
so now in its place we need a fence.

This time we chose a post and rail fence...

We began by measuring for the post placement, 
they needed to be 10' apart.
(There's that Wilson guy again... I mean Jim, my husband.... he's getting good at this stuff)

 Jim used a post hole digger to dig the hole for the posts...
(a man must name these things)

He dropped in the post and used a string level to 
make sure they all ended up the same height...

...close enough!

Next came the rails, they easily (most of the time)
slipped right into the holes...

Three more sections the same way and here's the finished product...


My job was to decorate...

Hostas, Black-Eyed Susans, Cone Flowers and Salvia..

And a pretty little garden bench (rusty of course) 
just waiting for a basket filled with plants!

Another DIY well done!

And... as of the texted "curb alert" this morning...
a bench with a great patina!

Check out that lichen and chippy paint!


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  1. Nicely done, Susan! It always works out that its the hottest day of the year when doing outdoor projects that need to be done. Your plants are going to fill in nicely and will look so pretty with the fence as a background.

  2. Great job on the fence and I think it was so smart to plant perennials. Once they fill in it will be a show-stopper. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm a new follower. Have a great weekend!

  3. Great Job!! Specially he decorating!

  4. Wow, you two are the most productive people I know! Looks awesome. When I have a real house someday, I'll be hiring you to decorate! :)

  5. A job well done that you will enjoy for years. It's kind of hard to NOT pick the hottest day of the year, nowadays! What's left? Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a really nice fence! Looks great!

  7. Great that type of fence...decorative. Love the chair.
    I am about to embark on making a chicken run, so I read every detail. Thanks for the help.

  8. It adds so much to the yard! You'll get some great photos out there. Great job Jim! Lisa~

  9. Great job - nice find on the bench. That would look really cute with a collection of watering cans on it, or something like that :)=

  10. You both did a great job, the fence looks great as do the plants! That bench is such a great find!

  11. Great job! Your hard work payed off!


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