A Vintage Copper Hutch Potting Bench

 A vintage hutch with a copper insert gets a Homeroad makeover today and becomes a beautiful potting bench with copper accents!

A Vintage Copper Hutch Potting Bench  with copper accessories

Here is where it all began... a Facebook ad for an old hutch.

Dark green enamel paint... 

not my favorite but this piece sure had potential! 

Old dark green hutch

What I didn't know until I went to pick up the piece was that it had this secret awesome copper insert. 

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The insert is removable so I removed it and gave it a good cleaning with Bar Keepers Friend.

copper insert

I painted the hutch in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in Country Grey then sealed it with Miss Mustard Seed Tough Coat Sealer.  

Painting a potting bench green

This piece is not meant to be an outdoor potting bench though a covered area or a potting shed would be the perfect spot.

I replaced the copper insert and realized that the only thing missing that would make this piece super awesome were some copper knobs. 

Green cabinet with copper tray

The knobs I loved for this project are from D. Lawless Hardware, they always have just what I need. 

The selection of knobs and handles is amazing so I easily found what I needed for this piece.

Copper insert

Another couple of other needed pieces of hardware for this project were magnetic closures to keep the bottom doors from swinging open. 

The original clips were missing.

D. Lawless Hardware had a good selection of just what I needed for this too!

Magnet closure

This hutch now potting bench came out prettier than I had imagined. 

The copper insert and the beautiful copper knobs are the perfect accent to the greyish-green Chalk Paint® color.

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A Vintage Copper Hutch Potting Bench  with accessories

A Vintage Copper Hutch Potting Bench

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*Disclaimer: D. Lawless Hardware supplied me with the hardware for this project. The opinions are my own.

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