Antique Tilt Frame Chalkboards

7:28:00 AM

Every once in a while I find something
that just makes me say yay in the middle of the store!

Antique Swing Frame Chalkboards

Even the woman next to me at the thrift store
said "Wow! Great find!" and it sure was...

I brought all 6 of these fabulous antique swing easel
frames home and dry brushed them in different colors.

Antique Swing Frame Chalkboards

The detail on the frames is beautiful and the dry brushing technique made it pop!

Antique Swing Frame Chalkboards

Each one got a chalkboard...

Antique Swing Frame Chalkboards

and if you don't know all about my easy chalkboard tip...
you should!

Antique Swing Frame Chalkboards

They are absolutely awesome and I wish I could keep each and every one!

Antique Swing Frame Chalkboards

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  1. These are fairly hard to find. I have two of them. Great upcycle!

  2. Lucky you! Beautiful transformations!

  3. i love your frames, where did you find such a treasure trove of those beauties?

  4. Susan - Love your frames. I love those old ones on a stand like that. They look so pretty in all of those colors. I'm sure they will sell rapidly.


  5. So cute! I have a box of 6 of these. Lots of inspiration here!

  6. These are adorable, absolutely love them!

  7. OMG! I love them! That lady was right - what a find. And thanks for the tip about the chalkboard. Who knew?

  8. Oh my!! I love antique tilt frames. They are so hard to find but when I do I snap them up. Love what you did with them!! These would be great teacher gifts or for menus in the kitchen. Love your blog!!

  9. I love these. Quote a free and and great transformation. :)

  10. I have one of those and never in the world thought to paint it. They look wonderful! Off to find my paintbrush right now!

  11. What a fantastic find!!!! Love your paint color choices too.



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