Woven Nautical Tray

In the summer I love all things nautical, it comes from living near the beach.

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This woven thrift store tray with a coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Old White and dry brushed with Pure White just screamed beachy to me.

Nautical woven tray with a transfer method

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I used a product called Omni Gel which I used once before to add a transfer to a galvanized steel pitcher.

I printed out an image on a laser printer. No need to flip the image, I coated the top of the paper with 2 heavy coats of Omni Gel. One coat going in one direction, let it dry, and the 2nd coat in the other direction.

When the paper was completely dry I cut out the image and ran it under water. I laid the image face down on a piece of waxed paper and rubbed off the paper backing.

I was left with a rubbery image. It has a slightly hazy look so I find it works best on a light background.

Adding an image to a woven tray using Omni Gel

I placed the image into the center of my tray then used a toothbrush to push the decal into the texture.

Adding an image to a textured tray

I coated the entire bottom of the tray with Deco-Art's Decou-page.

I've used this product before on this table drawer liner 
and it works great! 

In the morning when I woke up I was pleased to find that 
when the image dried completely it looked fantastic!

Nautical woven tray with an added image

This extra large tray is now a nautical treasure!
See how Omni Gel worked on a galvanized pitcher too!

Omni Gel transfer medium on a woven tray

These products are worth a try... 

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