Industrial Mantel & Chain Clip Banner

I found the cutest thing in a boutique
recently and I just have to share.

industrial mantel and chain banner

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This chain with clips was being sold with tiny bottles hanging on it for Halloween... 

It sure got my wheels turning. 

First of all how EASY would this be to make! 

I could make a million of them!

The chain from Home Depot and the clips are similar to these. (affiliate link)


The possibilities for decorating this chain are endless!

industrial mantel and chain banner

I was experimenting with the chain and hung tiny chalk painted pumpkins on it then hooked it on my mantel.

My mantel is a mish-mosh of a little of everything right now... 

I just keep adding things I love to it. 

The funny thing is that it kind of works!

A very industrial feel if you don't mind a spring planting sign, pumpkins, some repurposed tools, and plenty of rusty things all on one mantel.

industrial mantel and chain banner

I am picturing this chain holding photos, vintage postcards, letters, ornaments, Christmas cards....

The possibilities for this chain are enormous!

industrial mantel and chain banner

It will seem like any minute now that I will be throwing in a Thanksgiving turkey and Christmas items to my mantel.

I figure if I have a little of everything I can almost leave it up all year! 

A new no-stress system for mantel decorating.

industrial mantel and chain banner

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