DIY Christmas Stockings from Vintage Wool Baby Socks

Being a grandmother for the first time this summer
gave me a new appreciation for baby clothes.
How to Make Christmas Stockings from Vintage Wool Baby Socks

As the mother of four girls, I was especially excited about buying baby boy clothes for the first time. 

In a bag of hand-me-down baby clothes I was surprised to find a few pairs of vintage baby socks.

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The socks had such a beautiful vintage texture and color.

Who in the world would even think of putting these wool socks on the baby? They were headed for Grandma's craft room for sure! I decorated each sock with red ribbons of all kinds and vintage buttons and bows. 
DIY Christmas Stockings from Vintage Wool Baby Socks

With just a simple glue gun I easily added buttons, pearls, and bows.
Christmas Stockings from Vintage Wool Baby Socks

Creating beautiful little baby stockings for our Christmas tree was easy.
Christmas Stockings from Baby Socks

Mini Christmas Stockings from Vintage Baby Socks

Baby stockings will be especially meaningful this year with
a new baby in the house for Christmas.
DIY Mini Christmas Stockings from Vintage Baby Socks

to keep his little toes warm.

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  1. I'll bet you'll find something for those baby toes.

  2. Several years ago I was in Beaune France and wandered upon a flea market. At that market I bought a large box of what I would call "Lace bits". One of the bits in box was a babies sock, just one. I thought I had thrown it away, but while packing I found it. It is now labelled with a tag so that when I unpack boxes late next year I can do something like you have done to yours. When I do do it, I will make sure to blog about it and give you credit for the inspiration.
    Jean (


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