Burlap Christmas Bunting

An easy short cut to a beautiful Christmas bunting...

burlap Christmas bunting mantel www.homeroad.net

I purchased a roll of wired burlap ribbon at a local fair recently....  I cut the ribbon into 10" lengths.

On each piece of burlap ribbon I traced from a stencil, a letter in the word BELIEVE.

burlap Christmas bunting mantel www.homeroad.net

Using a Sharpie paint pen I filled in the letters.

I folded the lettered ribbon lengths over a 6' piece of jute string and hot glued the burlap to the jute.

burlap Christmas bunting mantel www.homeroad.net

I tied a few inches of jute twine in between each letter.

burlap Christmas bunting mantel www.homeroad.net

My Christmas burlap bunting is finished. 

It is an easy and inexpensive project with a lot of beautiful bang for your buck.

burlap Christmas bunting mantel www.homeroad.net

Right now this mantel is a mish-mash of Christmas, Spring, Fall and repurposed items... but I think I like it! 

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  1. Such a great idea, Susan. I have a ton of burlap lying around, looks like I should get to work!

  2. I have never attempted a bunting, Susan. I love the fabric ones, but not the sewing involved. I like the soft look of the ribbon and the simplicity of the marker letters! Pinning it for sure!


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