Repurposed Frame with a Textured Paint Treatment

Every once in a while I skip the thrift
store and go straight to the clearance department of one of my favorite stores.

rustic frame

Marshall's and TJ Maxx have some great clearance bargains... only most people don't know it.

On this trip I picked up several broken, scratched, and damaged items from the clearance shelf.

These potentially beautiful frames were too 
scratched for Marshall's so they have them 
marked down about 3 times to $3.00. 

A great wooden frame for 3 bucks... I can do that!

frame and glass with clearance sticker

My first step using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in 
Country Grey was to paint the frame with a very thick coat. 

When that first coat was dry I went back in and
blobbed on more paint in areas then let that dry.

painted frame

As you can see I was not too neat. 

Annie Sloan suggests you don't be too neat when you use her paint... 

she likes the old world look you can achieve by being just a little bit sloppy when applying the paint. 

So I was.

When the paint dried I coated it with clear wax
then immediately used a coat of dark wax. 

The clear wax first helps the dark wax move around on the paint evenly. 

Using dark wax only will cause the wax to 
soak into the chalk paint and be too blotchy. 

textured paint with brass tag

As you can see, the dark wax settled into all
the brush strokes and texture I created with 
a thick paint application.

I added a little bling to the top of my frame...

frame with textured paint

frame with old world paint treatment

and now the Marshall's $3.00 frame is saved
from the Marshall's dumpster.

frame with antiqued paint treatment

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