Repurposed Christmas Photo Display

       Sometimes even if I don't need it, I buy it on clearance!

Before Repurposed Christmas Photo Display.

That was the story with this galvanized metal shelf I bought for 80% off. It was 6 bucks, I couldn't leave it there. 

I was hoping to put it in my newly renovated bathroom but it just didn't fit. 

So I repurposed it. 

This shelf had a beautiful rustic wooden top so easily unscrewed it and turned it into a sign. 

Repurposed Christmas Photo Display and sign.

That part was easy!

DIY Repurposed Christmas Photo Display and sign.

You can purchase this stencil HERE and use it all holiday season. 

The stencil can be configured in different ways by using all or just part of the stencil like I did on these wooden star ornaments.

The sign looks amazing but even better than that was the rest of this repurposed project...

the metal base.

How excited was I to discover that it was magnetic!

Repurposed Christmas Photo Display .

How cool is that?!

It sits on the table or hangs on the wall and holds small photos and tags. 

DIY Repurposed Christmas Photo Display .

I made Scrabble magnets and attached a couple of my favorite vintage photos and tags. It sold in minutes.

You can find the Christmas flash card printable at
Knick of Time.

DIY Repurposed Christmas Sign .

Sometimes you just have to think outside of the box
when it comes to DIY projects. 

I could have returned the shelf and gotten my $6 back 
but I ended up selling the sign and the photo display 
and making a lot more. 

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