How to Make a Chippy Coffee Sign with Hooks

Today I used pieces from an old trellis to create a chippy coffee sign mug holder...

Chippy coffee sign with hooks and cups
I began with an old broken trellis from my garden...

Chippy piece of white lattice

I cut five pieces to the same length and attached them with two cross boards on the back.

Chippy boards put together in a pallet

The chippy pieces can be sealed with Miss Mustard Seed Tough Coat Sealer so there will be no more chipping. It leaves a matte finish that seals without a shine.

Chippy wood with bottle of Tough Coat Sealer

I used a stencil from Old Sign Stencils by Funky Junk Interiors for my design. These stencils are well made and easily customizable,  you can use all or part of the stencil for your project. 

Stenciled and taped coffee sign

The hooks for this project came from D Lawless Hardware. The hooks are inexpensive and perfect for holding mugs.

Black hook hanging mug

Chippy Stenciled coffee sign with hooks

This chippy little sign is perfect for a small kitchen space or as a sign on a coffee bar. 

As expected, it didn't last long in the shop.

Chippy sign with coffee stencil, hooks and 2 mugs.

Chippy sign with coffee stencil and 2 mugs with overlay words

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