Finished Apartment Kitchen Renovations

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This week I showed you my daughter's

A DIY kitchen renovation in an apartment
This apartment is just one in a large mansion which is faculty housing in a private school. 

When we left off on the last post, the kitchen had a new floor put in, IKEA cabinets, and an IKEA butcher block counter top. 

The next step was the back splash. 

Kasey went with white subway tiles and did all the work herself. 

A DIY kitchen renovation in an apartment

She had planned on wallpapering but the wallpaper she bought was not pre-pasted which made the job bigger than she had originally planned. She did however fix this problem later on with this DIY wallpaper treatment

Out came the ladder and she decided to paint.

Did I mention that she has done all this work with a 2 year old running around the apartment?

A DIY kitchen renovation in an apartment

Kasey added this beautiful green accent color throughout the kitchen. 

(The lighting will be next)

A DIY kitchen renovation in an apartment

This counter space is only a piece of a very large room.  

They relocated the appliances from random places throughout the room and put them together where they would work efficiently. 

A DIY kitchen renovation in an apartment

The kitchen sink is to the right of the large island, not an optimal place but a complete renovation of this space was not in the school budget.

A DIY kitchen renovation in an apartment

I'm so proud to show all the hard work and the beautiful results my daughter and her husband achieved in this DIY kitchen renovation.

It is amazing to see where this room began and where it is now. Then hop on over to the fabulous DIY Wallpaper post for this amazing renovation. 

A DIY kitchen renovation in an apartment

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  1. Susan,
    what a great job your daughter did! Just goes to show that even a small space can be made workable and attractive. She seems to be following in your footsteps of being creative and handy! Great job

    1. Awww thanks so much Rebecca! She is very talented and loves to do her own DIY too :)


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