Decorating with Artificial Flowers

Do you use artificial flowers in your home decorating? I do all the time. I use them in vases and baskets all over my home and they look so real!  I even ask for artificial flowers for Valentine's Day! 

Artificial White tulips in a vase


Forever and ever my favorite flowers have been white tulips. 

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long stemmed white tulips in a lined clam basket

I decorate with short stems and long stems all over my house. See how to make that lined fabric basket to put them in too!  

Recently I had the opportunity to work with a company called Nearly Natural

basket with white bottom filled with long stemmed tulips

They sent me these beautiful long stemmed white tulips to test out the quality of their product. 

I'm here to tell you, these tulips are gorgeous! They look beautiful in a tall recycled thrift store basket too! 

white tulips in a white vase with a basket

They were delivered to my front step during a snow storm and I didn't have to worry about the flowers being left out in the cold.  This beautiful hanging basket was from Decor Steals! 

Also artificial tulips also don't have the problem I had to solve a while back when my tulips kept drooping over the side of the vase. 

white tulips in white vase

These white tulips stand at attention all season long! 

No dropped petals, no dying after just a few days, artificial flowers are my pick for sure! 

basket with white bottom and white tulips


Nearly Natural has hundreds of beautiful flower arrangements that look amazing! 

basket of white long stemmed tulips

Take a look on the Nearly Natural site and choose a bouquet for your Valentine this year.

Your flowers will arrive on time and always looking fresh! 


If the recipient is anything like me, they're going to love the fact that you can stick them in a beautiful vase or a basket with no water and keep them around all season! 

You may even consider making your own beautiful vase for these flowers.

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artificial flowers in a vase with Pinterest overlay

Nearly Natural on Instagram.

Before you go you may want to see how I made the basket these beautiful tulips are staged in. 

white tulips overhead view with overlay

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basket of white long stemmed tulips

disclaimer: Nearly Natural sent me these flowers to review, all opinions are my own. 


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