Earring Display Made From an Old Lamp

Every so often I run across a piece of junk that 
gets me excited!

Crystal chandelier lamp

And today, this one was it! 

It came from my daughter's new apartment.

chandelier lamp in hallway

This chandelier was replaced and tossed out the door and onto the fence, it was just hanging there until I came along. 

I just knew this would be a fun project!

First I removed every piece of dirty, dingy glass bling and soaked them in dish soap for a few hours. 

cleaning chandelier crystals

Trust me you will be seeing these beauties again real soon!

And now for the rest of the lamp... I bet you think I tossed it, that ugly, filthy brass.

old brass lamp parts   

Nope! First I grabbed a couple pieces to repurpose... yes I did. 

I took apart this part of the lamp then put the pieces back together so it sat on a stand which was the piece that hung on the ceiling before. 

earring tree using lamp parts

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Next... I took it outside for a couple of coats of Chalked spray paint in Chiffon Cream. It was perfect for painting metal.

jewelry display from lamp parts

This lamp part was just crying to be repurposed! 

When the paint dried I was done.  All that was left to do was to grab some earrings. See all those little holes that go around every tier? Perfect for earrings of all kinds!

And the best part... it turns!

Earring jewelry display from lamp parts

This is what gets my juices flowing. 

This kind of project where I can look at junked pieces and 
let my imagination run!

Earring display from old lamp parts

This is why I love doing what I do.

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