Painting the Front Door

I'm painting my front door this weekend... again. 

how to shine a brass door knocker and paint the front door
I say again because my front door has been so many colors, I'm surprised it actually closes. 

Today I'm painting over the red.  I got some really bad advice about painting my front door a couple of years ago. 

I was told to paint with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and not to wax it because the wax would melt in the sun. This is true but I was told just to leave it unsealed and it would be fine. 

chalky painted front door fail

It was not fine. 

As you can imagine, the door was way too chalky and every mark showed. It was a mess!

You can tell how many colors my door has been painted because this is the first time I've actually removed the door knocker.  

Green, black, red, black again, yellow, red and now... blue!

See the yellow front door here.  My kids made me paint over it... big mistake!

removing the door knocker

I will admit I have commitment issues about my front door and yes, if you know me... with my cars as well but that is a another long story!

Today I'm doing it right! I'm a painter so there is no reason for me to have a bad painted front door. 

I taped up the handle and the lock and got to work. I'm using Fusion Mineral Paint in Homestead Blue which is a chalky paint with a sealer and it did this door in one coat!!

Yes I said o.n.e. coat!

painting the front door with fusion mineral paint

When I removed the door knocker I soaked it in Brasso for a while then shined it up with a rag. 

Wow! I don't even remember it ever being so clean and shiny. 

This door knocker has been on our front door since 1991. It was a gift from my cousin Jeff and 26 years later, it still adorns our front door. 

brass door knocker shined up with Brasso

As I said, the door only needed one coat of Fusion Mineral Paint and it looked gorgeous. 

Homestead blue front door

I returned the shiny door knocker to it's rightful place and it was a wrap. 

brass door knocker

The door was finished!

one coat coverage with fusion mineral paint

It took longer to tape and clean the brass then to paint the door. With results like this I could paint it a different color every season!

front door paint with fusion mineral paint.

It's a little hard to see how pretty the color is with the glare from the storm door but it is super gorgeous and looks brand new! 

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