Rustic Wooden Beach Tray and Weather Wash Stain

I'm trying a new product today you will love.

private beach stained stenciled tray

The product is called Weather Wash Aging Wood Stain and truthfully, it's very cool!

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making a tray and staining with weather wash

I'm testing this product today on one of my DIY rustic trays.

A tray built from a single plain pine board is best to show you the effects of Weather Wash on the raw wood.

pine wood board tray DIY

Weather Wash Stain is super simple to use. Once I built the tray, I started painting with the stain using a small chip brush.

The color I chose is called pined and has a beautiful silvery gray look, perfect for this beachy project. 

As soon as you begin painting you can see the color of the wood changing instantly.

pine board diy stained tray

Within minutes the tray turned a beautiful driftwood color.

As you can see the wood under the handles is a slightly different color because it was a different kind of wood, not sure what but not pine like the center piece. 

I added handles to the tray and once dry, it was ready for a stencil. 

rustic tray with weather wash stain

I chose one of my favorite beach signs to decorate the tray. 

weather wash tray with private beach stencil

private beach sign tray

The company recommends using a sealer or an oil as a topcoat on your project once the stain has dried. 

You can read more about their many products on the Weather Wash website.

As for me I am totally sold on the product and look forward to trying all their different colors and products in the future. 

private beach sign tray

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Thank you Weather Wash for letting me try your stain, I love it and hope my friends do too! 

Thank you Old Sign Stencils for the beautiful Private Beach stencil.

Thank you DLawless Hardware for the perfect tray handles!

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