Turning a Dresser into a Farmhouse TV and Cable Box Stand

This project started out like many other... 
a text from the side of the road.

repurposed dresser gets a new life

This is the photo from the side of the road that my mother texted to me...

white dresser with missing drawers

My newly married daughter was in search of furniture for her new apartment and somehow we knew I'd be involved. 

After spending the day hanging curtains, putting up a clock, and putting up several pieces of wall decor in the new apartment, I got the text. 

My husband and I were on it, we hopped in the car and grabbed the dresser for her. 

white found dresser

My daughter asked if we could turn it into a tv stand to hold the cable boxes so we got right to work. 

The top of this piece had water damage so I began by sanding the top until it was as smooth as possible. 

We removed the top drawers and using thin plywood created a shelf inside to hold the cable boxes. 

repurposed dresser with shelf for cable box

Now here is where this project took a turn. We had originally planned on only painting the top and inside this shelf area so we removed all the hardware and replaced it with new. 

white found dresser turned tv stand

remaking a dresser into a tv stand

The handles my daughter bought were the wrong size so rather than going back to the store we drilled new holes. 

Here's a tip for figuring out where to drill the holes. I put painter's tape over the holes on the back of the handle and marked where the screw holes were.  I then transferred the tape to the dresser and drilled the hole I needed in the drawer. Luckily these handles hid the old hole!

tape tip to find the hardware holes

It was at this point that we decided to repaint the whole piece because we liked how great the new paint looked. We used Fusion Mineral Paint in Cathedral Taupe, one of my favorite colors.

The piece was then moved, mid paint-job to my daughter's apartment where she finished up the painting. 

painting an old dresser for a repurposed project

This found dresser made the perfect TV stand in my daughter's first apartment. The (free) price was great and it looks awesome in it's new home!

old dresser turned tv stand

It couldn't have been more perfect for this spot 
or a better deal thanks to the whole family being involved!

Repurposed white dresser in the living room

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