How to Make Your Own Wallpaper

Making your own wallpaper design is possible!

kitchen wallpaper design using rubber stamp

This is maybe not the easiest process in the world but if you have the will there is a way!

This is my daughter Kasey's kitchen after the first phase of her first time kitchen renovation. 

You can read about the complete 2 part transformation of this apartment kitchen here

modern apartment kitchen renovaton

Recently Kasey had the idea to add a wallpaper accent wall to her kitchen but when the wallpaper she loved was a little too pricey for her budget, she decided to make a similar design herself. 

Yep, make it.  

Kasey began with inspiration from a popular wallpaper design. 

She then used her graphic design knowledge to create a similar leaf design and transfer the design onto paper. 

She drew the general oval shape of the leaf then drew in the individual leaves to be similar to the original but not exact. 

leaf design for creating a rubber stamp

Her leaf design was then traced onto a block of rubber, she carved around the design to create a giant rubber stamp. 

leaf design carved from rubber

When the design was carved, she cut the rubber around the leaf and glued it to a sturdy board for printing. 

creating a DIY rubber stamp

Using a brayer and a lighter color of green than her kitchen walls, she rolled the paint onto the leaf image. 

rubber stamp for wall decorating

And made a test print on paper. 

Kasey then held the image up to her kitchen wall to determine the placement of the leaves. 

kitchen wall in DIY apartment kitchen

Next came the mathematical part .... here is where you would have lost me and my pattern would have ended up way more random. 

apartment kitchen with leaf designed wall

After what was probably hours and hours, the kitchen wall was finished. 

DIY leaf design using a rubber stamp on kitchen wall

I am slightly amazed at the talent this woman has and how she does this taking care of a 2 year old and a new born at the same time. 

kitchen with diy rubber stamp leaf design

The possibilities are endless. 

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