Cookie Cutter Ornaments with Crystal Bling

These are some of my favorite Christmas ornaments...

Cookie cutter glass crystal ornaments

I used an inexpensive box of cookie cutters. You can use vintage or non-vintage cookie cutters.  

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I used a pin hole punch to put a hole in the top of each cookie cutter. 

I strung a length of glass crystals inside each cookie cutter. 

The crystals were from an old repurposed lamp project. See it here.

glass crystals from an old lamp

Each cookie cutter ornament hangs from a wire ornament hanger. 

Christmas ornaments made from cookie cutters

They make the cutest (and easiest to make) Christmas ornaments ever!

Find these ornaments sold in sets of 3 at the 

Christmas ornaments made from cookie cutters

DIY Cookie cutter Christmas ornaments

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