Farm Fresh Rustic Christmas Tree Sign

If this doesn't convince you that you need a vinyl cutting machine then nothing will!

Rustic Christmas tree sign using reclaimed wood

I will be the first to admit that there is definitely a learning curve with these machines. 

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I've owned my Silhouette Cameo for a few years now, I even upgraded to the larger model. 

The Portrait is the smaller model but still cuts a large image if you want to start there. 

But recently I purchased the Cricut Joy, it's a smaller less expensive vinyl cutter and I use this one all the time too. The Joy is smaller and you will need to cut strips of lettering rather than the whole image. I think the Joy is my favorite because it is smaller, easier to use, and is less expensive.

Fresh cut Christmas tree sign on reclaimed wood

Every time I use it I learn something new. 

I'm not a big direction reader so I joined a group on Facebook that really helps me out a lot. 

You can also Google almost anything you need to know plus you can find free SVG files in many places. Just upload the free file to your app. 

There are hundreds of video tutorials out there. 

Rustic Farm Fresh Christmas Tree sign

The Silhouette company and Cricut have online resource for files, like the one I used here and they are amazing. Buy it once and make as many signs as you wish! 

When I saw the file for this Christmas tree stencil I knew it was perfect for what I wanted to make. 

Farm fresh Christmas Tree Sign DIY

After cutting the reclaimed wood to size, staining it, giving it a coat of white paint, then cutting the file to use as a stencil... I was ready to paint and distress this beauty. 

It really isn't too difficult and practice makes perfect. 

By the next holiday you could be creating your own signs!

See below for more ideas using the cutting machine. 

Rustic and reclaimed Christmas tree DIY sign

This one is a keeper for sure!


If you're really careful when weeding the vinyl, you can save the pieces and make another sign. 

This sign was painted with red over the vinyl and over white paint, then distressed. 


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