Repurposed Christmas Card Holder

Do you see it? 

Repurposed thrift store find.

I did the minute I saw it at the thrift store... 

I just can't help myself. 

I went into the thrift store today to look around for holiday decor for myself. 

Not to repurpose or to sell... but for me. 

And I walked out with this....

Repurposed fish fryer from the thrift store

It is a fish basket for a barbecue. 

Saw one just like it at Williams and Sonoma.


I couldn't help myself... 

I repurposed it the minute I got home because I couldn't see this as anything but this...

Repurposed Christmas card display for Christmas

Those wires are perfect to hold Christmas cards! 

I added clothespins and a little Christmas decor. 

Christmas card display using a fish fryer

Did I mention it's magnetic too? 

Those red holiday magnets stick to the metal and are perfect to dress it up for Christmas!

Memo board Christmas Card display using a thrift store find.

When the holidays are over it is perfect for holding notes and reminders in the kitchen or office!

Repurposed thrift store find is now an industrial memo board

Sometimes I just can't help myself! 

Repurposed thrift store find is now an industrial memo board

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