DIY Craft Fair Monogrammed Scrabble Ornaments

Every year I make a new Christmas ornament using
Scrabble tiles. 

Vintage Scrabble ornaments with crystal bling
This year I began with a box of blocks from Target that were made to resemble the game Jenga®. 

Jenga game pieces

I used a DIY aging stain to darken the color. 

Antiqued wooden blocks for ornaments

I added a small clothespin and a Scrabble piece to each block. 

Vintage game piece ornaments

At the bottom of each block I added a chain of 3 glass crystals from a lamp I repurposed a while back. I told you you'd see them again!

Repurposed lamp parts for christmas ornaments

On the top of the block I added a tiny screw eye and a length of gold or silver string. 

I clipped a silver key under the clothespin. 

Vintage game piece Christmas Ornaments

These little lovelies will sell well at our local Christmas craft fair in November. 

Vintage Game pieces make beautiful christmas ornaments

Craft fair ornaments from vintage game pieces

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