How to Make the Easiest DIY Candle Lanterns

A while back I updated a pair of hanging lights in my kitchen. 

Recycled Candle Lantern at Dusk


How to Make the Easiest DIY Candle Lanterns

I wrote all about how easy it was to hang these lights from pot lights in my ceiling. 

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You can read all about my lucky find that lead me to replace these lights > Farmhouse Style Hanging Kitchen Lights

After my new lights were hung I was left with these glass shades and I knew I would use them again someday. 

How to Make the Easiest DIY Candle Lanterns Ever

As I set off to find a project to work on this morning I remembered these shades and I used them to created the absolute easiest DIY project ever!

Step #1. Clean the shades using a wipe.

Easiest DIY Candle Lanterns Ever

Step #2. Go find a couple candles and small dishes.

Easiest DIY Candle Lanterns

Step #3. There is actually no step #3... 

unless of course you count lighting the candle. 

DIY Candle Lanterns

This was by far the easiest Sunday morning DIY project I've ever done! 

Gone are the days of those early morning 5 hour projects like this one > Repurposed Kitchen Island

Repurposed DIY Candle Lanterns

I put the glass lanterns out to the deck and there they will be enjoyed by everyone! 

You can read all about the new deck > Replacing the Deck.

Repurposed Outdoor DIY Candle Lanterns

Outdoor DIY Candle Lanterns

Take a look at that fun repurposed pedestal planter in the background >  Repurposed Pedestal Planter.

Outdoor DIY Candle Lantern

How to Make a repurposed DIY Candle Lantern

My DIY work is finished for the day thanks to this easy repurposed candle lantern project! 

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