Repurposed Lamp Parts Pedestal Planter

                                       Just about my favorite thing to do is to 
repurpose vintage lamp parts.

When I run across parts from antique lamps I quickly snatch them up.

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Vintage and antique lamp parts for repurposing

There are so many detailed metal parts to these fixtures and so many ways to reuse them and make something new. 

For today's project... I took apart all of the pieces in this pile but used just one for this project. 

I attached the large metal piece that held a glass light cover in a previous life. I removed the screws and attached it to the top of a thrifted candle holder using one large screw down the center. 

I'm thinking at this point it would make a great pedestal planter. 

Repurposed lamp parts and candle stick planter

I'm painting my project in the Homeright Spray ShelterI put it on top of an old lazy Susan so when I spray paint the piece I can turn the lazy Susan to get full coverage. 

Lamp parts recycled into planter

The HomeRight Small Spray Shelter came in handy and prevented any spray paint from getting on my new vinyl fence. << Read all about it HERE.

HomeRight Spray Shelter for Spray Painting Projects

The Spray Shelter folds up when you're finished for easy storage. 

I used Rust-Oleum Matte Hammered Spray Paint to give the planter a pretty metallic, textured look.  

DIY Repurposed Pedestal Planter

I added a decorative terra cotta pot inside the planter but you could also plant directly inside the metal lamp part. 

These lamp part planters make a beautiful addition to my patio. 

DIY Repurposed Lamp Parts Pedestal Planter

These were pieces headed for the trash and now they have a beautiful second life at my house. 

Repurposed Lamp Parts Pedestal Planter

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