DIY Hand Painted Fall Pumpkin Crate

       This hand painted pumpkin crate is an easy build and 
the perfect centerpiece crate for Fall. 

DIY Hand Painted Fall Pumpkin Crate

This project began with a simple DIY build using one board to build a crate. 

Next I painted it in a great neutral fall color. I painted this color over a muted blue so when I sand the top layer a little of the blue will show through. 

Fall Pumpkin Crate

When the paint was dry I hand painted a group of pumpkins onto the front of the crate. I used some of the blue color in my pumpkins that I want to show through when I distress the crate. 

DIY Hand Painted Fall Pumpkin

If you are not a painter, and I use that term loosely, you can use a pumpkin stencil. Just give it a try, it's easier than you think!

I drilled 2 holes in each side and added jute rope for handles. 

I distressed the edges and the pumpkins with a light sanding to reveal a little of the blue undercoat. 

Hand Painted Fall Pumpkin Crate

The last step was to add a pumpkin stencil to right over the painted pumpkins and boy did I hold my breath!

The investment in Old Sign Stencils never gets old, you can use them over and over for years. This time I used only part of this fun stencil!

DIY Stenciled Fall Pumpkin Crate

Luckily it came out awesome! 

Stenciled Fall Pumpkin Crate

The trick to stenciling is to not use much paint. I almost always use a foam pouncer for stenciling with very little paint on the pouncer. If I need more paint I can always go back over the stencil with another light coat. 

DIY Hand Painted and Stenciled Fall Pumpkin Crate

Hand Painted and Stenciled Fall Pumpkin Crate

So pretty filled with pumpkins on the Thanksgiving table!

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