Recycled Halloween Ghost Light

The cutest ghost light ever! 

Recycled Wine bottle ghost

I had the perfect wine bottle to recycle for this project... it was frosted! Am I the only one who choses their wine by how cool the bottle is?

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Recycled Halloween Ghost Light

If you do not happen to have a frosted wine bottle you can use Rustoleum Frosted Glass Spray to frost your clear bottles. 

Halloween Ghost Light supplies

I cut 2 ovals for the eyes and a mouth by hand from a scrap of black vinyl.

I peeled the back and attached the pieces to the bottle. 

DIY Halloween Ghost Light

Next I tied a black ribbon bow around the neck of the bottle.

Variations of this project with different colored bows and faces can be fun!

Inside, I used my favorite corked bottle lights like I used in these decorative bottles.

DIY Halloween Wine Bottle Ghost Light

How cute (and easy) is this ghost? 

Halloween Wine Bottle Ghost Light

It looks so boo-tiful when it starts to get really dark!

How to make an easy and inexpensive ghost lantern

DIY Wine Bottle Ghost Light

The bottle was free, the ribbon was recycled from 
a blanket I bought and the cork lights are so inexpensive you could make several!

Who says decorations need to be costly?


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