Standing Pallet Pumpkin Patch Sign

       As usual I wasn't quite sure where this project
would end up when I started. 

Standing Pallet Pumpkin Patch Sign

I knew I wanted to make a fall decoration for the front porch. 

Other than that I wasn't sure but I began by building a pallet using reclaimed wood from a couple of old dressers I broke apart. You can read about that HERE.

How to make a pumpkin pallet sign

The 3 pieces of wood are attached on the back with wooden sticks, glue and nails. 

Making a pallet pumpkin sign

No worries, it's going to look better than this! I'm painting the whole back brown. 

I cut a piece of paper the size of this pallet then drew a pumpkin on it using the entire sheet. I then cut it out and traced the pumpkin shape onto the pallet. 

Using a jigsaw I cut out the pumpkin shape. 

Making a pallet pumpkin sign for the front porch

I used a piece of scrap wood to create a base then glued and nailed the pumpkin to the base using an old Scrabble rack as a brace. 

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Make a stand for a pumpkin sign

The next step was to paint the front of my pumpkin sign. 

I mixed together an antiquing gel with orange paint in a container. 

I was sure not to mix it completely so I mix the color right on the pallet wood to get the color shading I wanted. 

The antiquing gel helped move the paint around the pumpkin and acts as a stain. 

Painting a pallet pumpkin sign

When the gel stain and paint dried I got right to the stenciling. 

I used the Pumpkin Patch stencil from Old Sign Stencils.

It was the perfect size!

Painting a pallet pumpkin sign with a stencil

I added moss to the base of the pumpkin with hot glue and a bow to the stem. 

Painting a pallet pumpkin sign with a pumpkin patch stencil

 pallet pumpkin sign with a pumpkin patch stencil

DIY pallet pumpkin sign with a pumpkin patch stencil

Just what I needed for the front stoop!


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  1. Great job! I bet it looks adorable on the front porch.

    1. Thank you Pam! It does look nice and it is one of my favorite pumpkin projects so far :)

  2. This is absolutely adorable Susan! I love a great themed sign and the shape on this one just took it to the next level!

    1. Thanks Donna to your cute stencil :) It fit perfectly and was just the accent this painted pumpkin needed. :)


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