Repurposed Pumpkin Planter

       Usually when I find a vintage bundt pan I think 
of only one thing.

Repurposed Pumpkin Planter

Tiered trays... and you can read about them {HERE}

I usually make and sell a whole bunch of them every year. 

Bundt pan tiered tray

But this time it's different, It is Fall and I'm thinking pumpkin!

I began by attaching this old bundt pan upside down to a piece of driftwood. 

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I had a large wooden circular piece in my workshop, I dropped it inside the hole then using glue and a screw attached it to the driftwood. 

The old iron on top is to hold it down until the waterproof glue dried. It's one of my favorite weights!

Repurposed DIY Pumpkin Planter

I covered the driftwood with paper then brought it outside to spray paint

When the paint was dry I realized the large hole in the center was the perfect place to plant something. 

DIY Pumpkin Planter

And so I did. 

I filled the hole with dirt, it already had drainage at the bottom, then dropped in a small flowering plant (which needed to be transplanted anyway).

DIY Repurposed Pumpkin Planter

I added a thick piece of wooden vine that I had from another project and stuck it into the dirt for a stem. 

DIY Repurposed Bundt Pan Pumpkin Planter

Repurposed Bundt Pan Pumpkin Planter

It made a great outdoor (or indoor) Fall planter!

repurposed garden pumpkin planter



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