DIY Metal Wheel Pumpkin

       This cute pumpkin came along almost by accident. 

DIY Metal Wheel Pumpkin

I spotted this metal wheel on the shelf in my basement, grabbed a can of orange spray paint and headed for the yard. 

Metal Wheel Pumpkin

I made a little spray paint platform on top of my garbage can and started spraying. 

Spray Painted Metal Wheel Pumpkin

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I do have a paint shelter which works great, but truth be told more often than not I use the garbage can on the side of my house. 

It's definitely the most colorful garbage can on the block! 

I recently wrote about using a paint shelter. 

While I waited for it to dry I sat it on top of a nearby stump. 

Spray Painted Metal Wheel Junky Pumpkin

And here it began... a junky pumpkin in the making!

I looked around for a stick to use as the stem and found the perfect piece of old vine wrapped around an old fence. 

I cut off a piece for my stem then added some faux berries and a leaf. 

Junky Pumpkin Stem

I used E6000 to stick the stem into the wheel then added moss. 

Junky Metal Wheel Pumpkin

How to make a Junky Metal Wheel Pumpkin

I ended up with the perfect outdoor pumpkin. I think this stump is a great place for it so I'm leaving it right where it is!

How to make a Metal Wheel Pumpkin

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