How to Decorate a Sled for Christmas

I was lucky enough to be gifted this very large hand made sled when they cleaned out the shop at my school.
large wooden shop sled

It's very heavy and was covered in about an inch of dust so it was there for a while but I'm so glad they thought of me.  
Large wooden hand made sled

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It sat in my basement for over a year but now I'm ready to give it a makeover!  The very first thing I did, after cleaning it, was to stain it with a dark kona stain
Staining a wooden sled

kona stained wooden sled

It was beautiful already! The stain made all the difference. 
Wooden sled stained with a kona stain

When the stain was dry I ran a few lengths of painter's tape down the center board. This Frog Tape is my favorite, it creates a seal down the edges of the tape that makes a clean, crisp line. 
Painter's taped lines on a wooden sled

Next, I filled in the space between the tape lines with red paint. I painted the tops of the wooden rails too. I used Fusion Mineral Paint in Fort York Red which is a beautiful color to use at Christmas. You can find a local Fusion Mineral Paint dealer near you by following this bold link. 
red painted lines on a wooden sled

Red striped lines on a wooden stained sled

The next thing I did was to stencil a large wreath onto the sled. I used a cardboard stencil I found at a craft store at one time. Don't let the cardboard fool you, I've used this stencil several times already and it is as good as new. Here is a similar wreath stencil you can use for this project. 
A wreath stenciled wooden sled

I used a pretty chalky green paint for the wreath and the light color was perfect against the dark stain. When the paint was dry I added a wired linen bow to the sled by backing out one of the screws used to put the sled together. I wrapped the wire from the bow around the screw then screwed it back into the sled. 
Linen bow on a decorative sled

At the top of the sled I drilled two holes in the wooden runners to attach a thick jute rope to the sled. 
Adding holes for a rope on the sled

This old middle school shop project has taken on a whole new look for the holidays! I'm so glad I dragged it home with me! 
Decorative Christmas sled

This large, heavy sled can be displayed indoors or out for the holidays and all it took was a little stain and paint. 
Wooden sled with a wreath

wooden sled with a wreath and stripes

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