Rustic Christmas Sign Made with Reclaimed Wood

Rustic is my favorite language and when I found a pile of old fence boards on the side of the road one day, I had several Christmas projects in mind. 

Wreath with black and white checked bow

Amazon disclosure

This project used two pieces of boards that were left over from another project. You can read all about that fun project here

The boards were cut to about 24" long. 

I attached them with 2 cross pieces of wood on the back with wood glue and the brad nailer. 

You can find the products I used by clicking on the green links. 

2 Fence Boards attached vertically

I painted the boards with one coat of chalky white paint

I find that the chalky paint distresses better than regular craft paint and this one works well and is super inexpensive. 

I wanted the wood to show through and wanted it to distress well at the end. 

I used the inserts of cardboard alphabet stencils I had and traced around the letters with a pencil. 

You can use regular stencils as well. 

Painted white fence boards and traced letters EL

I left off the "O" because I wanted to add a wreath in its place. 

And... if you are super observant like one reader was, you'll notice I stenciled the N upside down!  Ugh! Too late now! 

Using stencils to trace the letters N E L

I filled in the lettering with a Sharpie Paint Marker in black

If you haven't used a Sharpie paint marker yet, you're in for a treat. 

They color in the lines beautifully and come in both water and oil based. 

I used it on fabric for this Canvas Open Sign and on furniture when I made this Lettered Table.

Painting the letters N E L with black paint

When the black paint dried I sanded the board and lettering well with an electric sander. 

Distressing the sign with a hand sander

Next, I used Van's hemp oil to rub down the board for protection. 

You only need a little bit of oil to rub into the wood. 

Hemp oil is food safe and brings out the beauty of wood with just a wipe. 

Using hemp oil to seal the sign

Now it was time to make a wreath. 

I used wired faux greenery to create a wreath just the size I needed then tied it with a buffalo check ribbon

The wired greenery comes in a bolt on Amazon, you can visit the site by clicking on the green link above.

boxwood wreath with gingham bow

The wreath is attached to the board with a large metal cable staple so it wouldn't fall off. 

You could also hang it in the space with a nail if you want to switch it out for something else. 

Maybe a large snowflake cookie cutter like I did for this project

attaching the faux boxwood wreath to the sign

This free fence board project is just beautiful and will look great decorating our home for Christmas.

Noel sign with a wreath for the O

Yep! That N is upside down for sure! Now you can't unsee it! 

Pinterest pin Christmas sign

Rustic distressed NOEL sign with wreath for the O

Rustic signs are easy to make and beautiful like this Farm Fresh Christmas Sign or this collection of fun rustic Christmas signs!

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