Make a Snow Globe from a Lantern

Welcome to my collection of funky Christmas trees, today's project is an easy bottle brush snow globe that won't cost a lot to make and looks beautiful! 
bottle brush trees

We were cleaning up the yard after the summer decor began to rust away and found this old lantern. 
I sooo wanted to up-cycle the lantern but as you can see there is a lot of the bad kind of rust and it's broken. 
Normally I'd be your guy to completely fix up this lantern but since Christmas is only days away, I'm only grabbing the glass globe. 

rusty red lantern

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These are the supplies needed to create a bottle brush snow globe.

supplies for bottle brush snow globe

I began by gluing the bottle brush tree to a base. 

I'm using a repurposed lamp piece for this project, you can use any kind of metal or wooden base. 

I painted the base white.

snow topped bottle brush tree

I sprayed the tree and the base with a light coat of faux spray snow, just enough to give the tree a little snow. 

I attached the globe to the base using a bead of E6000 glue all the way around. 

bottle brush tree display

bottle brush tree snow globe

The next step was to tie on a ribbon. 

I chose a red and black buffalo ribbon and tied a simple bow. 

bottle brush tree with ribbon

I could have left it as is but I decided it needed a snowstorm. 

I filled the globe with epsom salt to give it a deep snow look around the tree. 

snow globe with snow

Now like I said, if I wanted to take this project to the next level, I'd replace this globe back into the old lantern. 

But I'm making it easy this time (for once). 

snow filled snow globe

I added this bottle brush snow globe to the collection of funky Christmas trees I'm using to decorate my giant hutch this season.

You can read all about that story by following the red link. 

snow globe collection

snow globe collection

bottle brush tree collection

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