Recycled Christmas Ornament Storage

It came fast and went fast! The holidays are  over and now it's time to pack it all away. We celebrated, we partied, we gave gifts, and now is time to clean it all up! But where do you store your fragile ornaments? I found a great ornament storage solution at Costco and it was free! 
mantel with Christmas decorations and clock

We love the Snapdragon apples that come in these plastic containers from Costco but I do not love the plastic waste!
plastic container from apples

Each time we buy the apples I try to find a way to recycle the containers. 

Sometimes I bring them to school and use them as paint trays... that works very well. 
Flocked Christmas tree in front of bookshelf

This time, I'm going to use the containers to pack away my Christmas ornaments. 
It makes the perfect ornament holder. 

Apple container filled with small ornaments

Some ornaments are glass and some are just little fragile bottle brush trees that I don't want to get crushed. 
Recycled apple packaged filled with Christmas ornaments

These containers are the perfect size for all the small items I've been accumulating over the years.
Recycled apple container filled with Christmas ornaments

When you close up the containers they are sturdy enough to stack one on top of another in a box. 

Safely stored away for another Christmas yet to be.
Closed box for apples with Christmas ornaments

What do you do to recycle these plastic containers?
Do you have a favorite idea? I'd love to know!

Apple storage container filled with ornaments

And now it's time to move onto the next holiday!

You can read all about the cheese board tray I made using a fun buffalo check stencil, it works for appetizers or just a tray!

bottle of champagne and glasses filled with orange juice

Happy New Year to all our friends and family, we wish you all the best in the new year! 

ornament storage with overlay
recycled Christmas ornament storage with overlay

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