Stencil a Rustic Bingo Advent Calendar

I couldn't wait for this stencil to get here because I had a great idea for an another advent calendar! I literally started this project as soon as the stencil arrived so it would be ready to use on December 1st! 

number stencils on wood

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How to make a rustic advent calendar:

I began with a piece of wood I had leftover from another project. 

It was "good wood" with no knot holes or warping. 

I cut it to the size I needed with a small circular saw. 

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I stained the wood with my favorite stain called Rustoleum Transformation Decorative Glaze

It can also be found in Home Depot. 

This stain has a beautiful color, you just paint it on and wipe it off!

board and stain

After letting the stain dry for a few hours, I used my new Christmas Bingo stencil from Old Sign Stencils.

Old sign stencils bingo stencil

These stencils are large and very well made. 

You can use them again and again. 

I stenciled most of the stencil with black, I did the tree with green and the bulb with red. 

Bingo stencil on wood

When the paint was dry I used antique nails and hammered them into the center of each number. 

I found an old brass piece in my stash that represents an ornament. 

I used the metal ornament as a guide on each number so I knew where to place the nail. 

nails and a copper ring for advent calendar

When all the nails were in I attempted to clean up the metal piece a little and realized it was brass. 

I painted the inside of the circle with red and now it looks even better! 

As each day passes and it gets closer to Christmas, we will move the little brass ornament to the next nail. 

stenciled numbers, nails and a ring

You may have noticed that I changed one thing on the stencil as I went along. 

I thought my calendar needed a larger Christmas word at the top. 

I sanded off the small word then re-stained and re-stenciled another Christmas word from the Christmas Lights Stencil, another cute Old Sign Stencil

stenciled bingo advent calendar

I sanded the edges of the board with fine grit sand paper and a little over the words at the top so they look rustic. 

Rustic Christmas Bingo Advent Calendar

We are so excited to use this junky version of an advent calendar as we count down the days until Christmas with my grandchildren. 

Bingo calendar by fireplace

This one is a great stencil I used to make wrapping paper last year and this sled project using the buffalo check stencil is one of my favorites.  

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Disclaimer: Old Sign Stencils provided me with the stencil for this project. 
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