How to Make a Wind Chime with Broken Jewelry

I was super disappointed when one of my favorite sparkly, chunky necklaces broke. Should I repair it or use the pieces for something else?
Large diamond jewelry piece

Well, you guessed it I'm sure... I pulled apart all the pieces and worked on repurposing it. I had a vintage set of measuring spoons and a very old and rusty cheese grater I was looking to repurpose too so the wheels started turning. The first thing I did was to attach the largest piece of the necklace to the cheese grater with wire. 

Rusty vintage grater with diamond flower
The next thing was to grab several small hooks I had in my workshop. I was able to open and close the hooks with pliers to form a chain. You could use small "S" hooks too. 
Wrench, wire cutter and small hooks
I attached the spoons, the hooks, and the necklace pieces in random order to form chains. 
Vintage spoons hanging with gems and hooks
I added single diamonds to some of the spoons with E6000 glue
Small spoon with tiny diamond attached
I hooked each chain to the bottom of the cheese grater then attached a decorative meal piece to the top with E6000 glue. 
Vintage loop attached to top of grater
The wind chime hangs from the circle that was the original top of the cheese grater. 
Vintage rusty measuring spoon wind chimes
I'm read to hang this beauty outdoors when the weather gets better, it makes a beautiful sound. 🎶 It is so pretty it might be worth breaking a necklace or two! 
Vintage grater wind chime hanging in tree

Vintage wind chime pinterest pin

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Hanging vintage wind chime on hutch.
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