DIY Jute Carrots for Spring Decorating

Being a crafter I no longer spend money on holiday decor I see at the stores, but I am inspired by what I see there and usually go home and make it myself.
Attaching carrots to a length of jute for hanging

I'm always looking at the things I see and I try to figure out how I can make it for less. 

Jute Carrot Garland

I thought these adorable carrots would be easy enough to make at home, maybe not exactly the same but certainly similar enough.

DIY Jute Carrots in the store

I began by collecting my supplies:

Supplies needed for DIY Jute Carrots

First I cut the cardboard, I used heavy card stock paper and rolled it into cones. 

I used hot glue to glue the cones together. 

Rolling a cardboard cone for DIY Jute Carrots

Next, I glued the end of my jute into the hole at the tip of the cone and started wrapping the jute up the cone. 

Wrapping jute around the cone beginning at the tip

I used little dots of hot glue on the cone to keep the jute in place as I wrapped. 

When I got to the end I trimmed the cardboard. 

Cut off extra paper to flatten top of carrot

Orange Jute Carrots

And then I made several more...

jute carrots and a spool of orange jute 

Inside the cone I added more hot glue then using faux greens I had in my workshop and stuffed the cones with greenery. 

You can really use any kind of faux greenery you have, even strips of ribbon will work. 

I made a few wrapped with orange burlap while I was at it. 
Orange burlap carrots with greenery

I lined the carrots up alternating the designs.

 A line of jute and burlap carrots in a row

At this point you can leave them as they are and put them in a bowl or tiered tray for decoration or you can add a length of jute to the back for hanging. 

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Jute and burlap carrots hanging on the mantel

I love the idea of creating something from nothing and it didn't cost me $20 to buy them at the store.

jute carrot cones with Pinterest overlay

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Jute and burlap carrots laying on placemat

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Disclaimer: The orange burlap fabric was supplied to me, all opinions are my own.

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