Painted DIY Sunflowers for the Garden

This junk creation began when I was gifted a box of vintage kitchen items. This piece caught my eye and while I thought I knew what it was, I wasn't too sure. 
vintage hamburger cooker

When my children were young my mother-in-law used to make grilled cheese sandwiches on the stove using something similar. 

Thea at Rosie's Vintage told me it was something used at a campfire, maybe for eggs or burgers. Soon after this post was published on Hometalk, I received another answer to my question from another Thea! I'm so thankful for these answers!

Anyway, in my head I thought they looked like they should be flowers. The first thing I did was pull them apart, I folded the piece back and forth by the handles until the thin metal broke and I ended up with 2 pieces. 

hamburger press taken apart 

I painted the flower looking pieces yellow with a black center for the first coat. I used Fusion Mineral Paint that easily sticks to the metal.

hamburger press painted yellow

Painted DIY Sunflowers

I painted petals on the yellow background using the yellow paint with a little bit of brown added. 

black circles

Next, I painted metal circle blanks with black and brown paint to look like the center of a sunflower. 

I attached the circles to the center of the flower with E6000 glue. The very last step was to spray the flowers with a satin spray sealer

Painted sunflowers

I added the sunflowers to pots on my deck by sticking the handles into the dirt.

DIY junk garden flowers

It's early and it has been very chilly here on the east coast but there are warmer days coming and this sad looking garden is going to flourish!

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sunflowers in rusty spring with overlay

garden sunflowers in rusty spring

There are no flowers growing but I'm hoping to be able to get curb-side flowers and mulch at our local plant store very soon.

birdbath with sunflowers and rusty spring

My DIY sunflowers will be beautiful among the real flowers in my work-in-progress garden. 

sunflower and rusty spring in garden

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early spring garden with birdbath and sunflower

Stay home, be safe and be well! 


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