Garden Apron Made from Denim Jeans

The bags for donation are piling high in my basement as we continue to organize and downsize.  
Back of pair of jeans

I'm digging deep into the clothing donations to make myself a garden apron today. 

I was inspired by a woman in one of my Facebook groups who made a full sized apron from a pair of jeans.

I grabbed a pair of jeans from the donation bag and cut them off to the length I wanted. 

I cut down the sides of the jeans on the seams and across the bottom. 

If you ever made a jean skirt out of a pair of jeans like I did back in the day, you'll know this little trick... 

I opened the crotch seam and overlapped it to create a flat surface. 

I'm not sewing this apron, I'm using fabric fusing tape, it's an iron on binding that holds seams together. 

No sewing needed. 

And there is no doubt how well it holds because when I tried to open a seam that I ironed closed, I couldn't get it open! 

And yes, it's washable. 

Cut jean fabric with no sew strip added

For the apron straps I cut down the inner seam of both legs. 

I folded the edges and ironed them closed. 

Thin piece of denim for the strap

I attached the straps to the top of the waistband. 

This is where I needed a few hand stitches to secure the straps so they would be securely attached. 

Denim apron with straps

Next, I looked through the donation bag once again for something I could use for a trim at the bottom of the skirt. 

I found the perfect lacy trim from a shirt that belonged to my daughter. 

Here is a link to similar lacy trim

Denim with ribbon and fringe

I used the iron-on tape once again to attach the trim to the back of the bottom of the apron then I used more tape to attach decorative grosgrain ribbon on top of trim. 

View of apron on woman

I lined the pockets with the ribbon too. 

I'm modeling the apron in my finest no makeup, desperately needing a hair cut, stay-at-home-for-weeks-and-weeks look. 

Woman in mirror wearing apron
Garden apron with overlay


The pockets are perfect for my phone or garden tools while I'm out working in the garden we have in progress. 

Outdoor garden with fence

Take a look at the potting table I've been working on too! 

Can't wait to show you! 

You can visit more DIY potting table ideas by visiting this bold link. 

Potting bench frame in process photo

And now I'm thinking I need to make a retro-jean skirt next!

Garden apron with trim on pockets

If you love to sew you're going to love the step stool I decoupaged with sewing patterns, it came out so cute! 

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Stay home, stay safe, and keep busy! 


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