How to Make a Decorative Firecracker Post

"Baby you're a firework!"

wooden firecracker for the fourth of July
Don't think that song wasn't playing in my head the whole time I worked on this project. 

I saw these firecrackers at Michaels and thought it would be an easy project to copy. 

I had the 4"x4" post at home and I just ordered an awesome star stencil from Vintage Sign Stencils

Michaels stash of fireworks

I began by taping off the areas on the post that I wanted to stripe and then for the blue part. 

wooden 4x4 post for firework

And in case you failed to notice the yellow cricket trap in the background I will point it out because I didn't realize it was in the pic until too late!... ew!!!

wooden firecracker for the fourth of July painted blue

I was looking for a project to use the star stencil from Vintage Sign Stencils and this was it!.

The stars are slightly larger than the post I'm using but that doesn't matter because when it's finished the stars are going to look like they are attached at the corners. 

wooden firecracker for the fourth of July stenciling stars

For the stripes I ran a length of tape down the center of each white side, I painted red over the top of the tape, then removed the tape leaving a white stripe. 

I lightly sanded all the edges of the post to distress it before I antiqued the firecracker. 

stenciled stars link all the way around the post
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I'm using an antiquing product called Rust-o-leum Decorative Glaze. (affiliate link) I just painted it on and wiped it off, it dulls the bright colors and makes the firecracker look old. 

Applying antiquing gel to create an aged look on the firecracker

On the top of the post I drilled a hole and added a wooden dowel which I painted black to look like the fuse. 

wooden firecracker for the fourth of July adding a fuse

The firecracker came out even better than the ones I saw at Michaels. (Sorry Michaels but it's true!)

wooden 4x4 firecracker DIY

A fun, easy decorative DIY piece for the Fourth of July!

And then I added a little bling to the top!

4th of July fireworks with streamers on top

flag draped window and DIY firecracker

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