Repurposed Cabinet Door Garden Chalkboard

This project began with another repurposed kitchen 
cabinet door. 
Repurposed Cabinet Door Garden Chalkboard
A repurposed cabinet door and a piece of chalkboard I found at Tuesday Morning, a store by me that has a little of everything. 

The first thing I needed to do was to choose a color for my cabinet door and since I love green I decided on a chalky paint by DecoArt that would be the perfect "garden green". 
Americana Decor Chalky Finish in Green
I stenciled a bee from the DecoArt stencil Americana Decor Collection onto the chalkboard in white so it looked like chalk but would always be there. I then cut the chalkboard to fit the center of the cabinet door and used wood glue to adhere it. 
Deco Art Americana Decor Bee Stencil
The bee came in a pack of 2 stencils with a couple of cute bird stencils. 
Bee stencil with white paint on a chalkboard
Once I glued the chalkboard into the center of the cabinet door I added a Scrabble ledge to hold the chalk. I also wanted to make an eraser so I chose an image from the internet and glued it to an old eraser I had in my classroom. 
DIY eraser for a chalkboard
I covered the glued image with packing tape to protect the paper from wear. 
DIY eraser for a chalkboard
It was the perfect size for the chalk ledge and bonus... it is magnetic and can stick to the metal ruler too!
DIY chalkboard and eraser
The last addition to the cabinet door was a metal 12" ruler I attached with screws to the top. I added magnet letters that said GROW. This is a great place to hang a seed package. 
magnetic ruler with GROW magnets and seedpack
The repurposed cabinet door couldn't look cuter as a chalkboard for the garden shed or the kitchen. 

green chalkboard with magnetic ruler
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Green chalkboard from cabinet door
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