Repurposed Cabinet Door Craft Center

   Today I'm repurposing another cabinet door into a shelf for small craft supplies in the craft room.

Shelves for holding small craft supplies
Thank goodness for the stash of old cabinet doors I came across recently because they are good for just about every DIY project. 
I had an old shelf I was using to hold small craft supplies but they kept falling through the back of the shelf.
Here is my workshop if you would like a quick little tour. I also 
made a few cute painted rugs on the floor of the workshop when the paint spills got to be too much.

Adding a cabinet door to the back of a shelf
A repurposed cabinet door is going to quickly solve this problem. 
I began by attaching the shelf to the very plain cabinet door with wood glue and the nail gun.
Attaching a shelf to a cabinet door
Next, I painted the piece with Ultra grip by Fusion Mineral Paint because the cabinet door was very shiny. After the Ultra Grip was dry I used my new favorite Brook by Fusion Mineral Paint to paint the shelf. 
painting with Fusion Mineral Paint
When the paint dried I was ready to add a few accessories to make the shelf even more useful. 
First, I added hooks to the bottom bar. These little hooks are going to be a great place to hold important information in the craft room like my paint chart. 
Hooks to hang papers
Next, I added just a piece of an old spool holder to the top of the shelf. This is going to be used to hold rolls of washi tape. 
If you want to see how I store my baker's twine take a look at the 
Baker's Twine Spool Organizer I made a while back. 
pegs for Washi Tape
I added 2 D rings to the back of the cabinet door so the shelf could be hung in the workshop. 
Craft supply shelf
The simple addition of a plain cabinet door to the back of this shelf solved all the problems and a few simple additions made this shelf even more useful for crafts. 
craft supply shelf
small shelf for craft supplies
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