Scrap Wood Christmas Tree with Lights

 I'm crushing on the scrap wood Christmas trees that hang on the wall. I saw one in the latest Ballard catalog that displayed ornaments for sale and it gave me a great idea!

scraps of wood wired together in a tree shape

I searched my scrap wood pile for pieces that would make an interesting Christmas tree. 

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Here are the supplies I used for this project:
I rolled out a length of rebar wire the height of the tree I wanted to make and folded it in a loop at the top. 

Starting with the smallest piece of scrap wood and progressing to the largest, I laid the wood out on the wire. 

Scrap wood laid out in size order

I turned each piece over and used a staple gun to attach the wire to the back of the wood. 

Scrap wood attached to wire in a tree shape

I hung the scrap wood tree up from the wire loop on the top to add white Christmas lights. 

I used twist ties to wire the lights to the tree. 

lights on the scrap wood tree

Next, I added some greenery scraps and ornaments to some of the wood pieces. 

ornaments and greens on a scrap wood tree

The greenery is attached with hot glue and the ornaments are wired to the tree with ornament hangers

Wood tree with a bow and ornaments

In the center of the tree I added a big red and white gingham bow.

red and white gingham bow on tree

I just love this tree!

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Lighted christmas tree pin

It didn't cost much because the scraps were free and everything else I grabbed from my Christmas box of decorations. 

Christmas tree at night with lights

It looks gorgeous lit up at night! 

At the very last minute and truthfully while it was hanging on the wall, I added a trunk to my tree with the nail gun. 

Add whatever you want, ribbons, a trunk, garland, let your imagination guide you! 

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