How to Give Santa Claus a Makeover!

6:45:00 AM

       Sometimes a little paint can make a big difference!

Hanging Santa Gets a Makeover!

I bought this three foot hanging Santa about 20 years ago and I've loved him to pieces... literally.

He's hung outside our house every season for many years.

I promised myself that last year was his last one looking like this. 

DIY Hanging Santa Gets a Makeover!

He was old, faded, and chippy and not in a good way either. 

Today, before the holiday season begins, I decided he needed a makeover. This fat old guy is getting repainted!

I began with the skin color then worked my way down to the white beard. I liked the old crackled paint underneath so I gave it a quick light coat so the texture shows through. 

Makeover for an old worn out Santa.

I gave Santa rosy cheeks and brightened his sparkling blue eyes. I painted his hat with a sparkle red paint. 

This Santa is two sided so he got the DIY facial treatment on both sides. 

DIY Makeover for an old worn out Santa.

When the paint was dry I coated Santa with a wipe-on gel stain with poly in it for protection. 

The stain darkened the colors just enough to make him look old and it settled very nicely into the cracks and crevices. 

DIY Makeover for a worn out Santa.

The chippy look and the crackles are all still there but this guy looks amazing once again!

before and after of a Santa makeover.

I can't wait to hang my beloved Santa Claus with his new makeover outside again this year. 

How to Give Santa Claus a Makeover!


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  1. Susan, you did a great job giving this jolly guy a makeover. He looks fabulous, fresh and ready for the season to begin. Good for you for taking the time to freshen this sweet old guy up.

    1. Thanks so much Beth, this was my favorite Santa and he was just too sad to hang out one more year. I'm glad I gave him a makeover! Happy Holidays!


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