Easy Felt Sunflower Garland

On a recent trip to Michael's I ran across a cute sunflower garland. 

There it was in a pile on the floor but it gave me a great idea. 

As cute as that sunflower garland was, it was a little plain. 

I knew I could make one myself only much cheaper than you could buy it... even with 50% off the Fall decorations...

sunflower garland with burlap ties

The one at Michael's looked like this when I took the photo, I didn't even pick it up. I knew exactly what I wanted to do. 

pile of sunflower garland at Michaels

It was cute and half price at $9.99.

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I'm going to make a similar one for half that price using a $5 package of felt with a 40% off coupon and supplies I had at home. 

package of yellow felt and cardboard

The package of Fall yellow sunflower colored felt even came with a piece of cardboard inside and I'm going to use that too! 

First I cut 7- 3" circles from the cardboard and cut them out.

Next, I folded a piece of the yellow felt in half the long way and cut out petal shapes. 

cardboard circles and yellow felt pedals

Using hot glue, I made a circle of glue around the edge of the circle and glued on the petals just slightly overlapping each petal. 

felt petals around cardboard circle

Next, I folded the end of another bunch of petals just slightly and hot glued them closed.

Be careful, this is where I burned my fingers a few times! 

folded felt petal

I glued a circle of folded petals on top of the first circle of felt petals. 

folded felt petals

On top of this row of folded petals I glued a circle of brown felt, I had the brown felt at home but you can purchase it at Michael's for 49 cents. 

felt sunflower with brown center

And then I made 6 more! 

row of felt sunflowers

Now it was time to create the garland. 

I'm using the macrame twine I've used for several projects around here lately. 

macrame twine bolt

I pulled out a 6' length of the twine and doubled it. I tied a knot in each end of the twine. 

I turned each sunflower over and spaced them out along the twine then hot glued each one to the twine. 

Be sure to glue the twine to the top of each flower so it will hang correctly. 

back of sunflowers with twine

Next, I tore 8 strips of burlap and 8 strips of drop cloth fabric for the ties. 

burlap and drop cloth ribbons

I tied the fabric onto the twine between each sunflower. 

sunflowers with ties

sunflower with burlap ties

All that was left to do was to hang it up!

row of sunflowers on door

This time I am hanging the garland on the pretty glass barn door that divides my living room from our new renovated kitchen. 

You can take a tour of our new kitchen by visiting post. 

sunflower garland on glass barn door


I love the way it came out and I'm so happy I could make it for less than $5.

sunflower garland on door

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garland on barn door with overlay

Can you tell I like sunflowers? There is a vase of giant sunflowers I bought last weekend at a sunflower farm near our home. 


sunflower garland

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sunflower felt garland



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