Paper Fall Oak Tree Branch

I don't always make my own projects, sometimes I like to bring you projects I run across on Pinterest or Instagram that you might love.

That is the case today with this almost free fall leaf project. 

I ran across Desert Decor on instagram and loved the paper leaves she made...

paper leaves on a branch

This project couldn't be easier and the cost was almost nothing! 

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Desert Decor used paper lunch bags to cut a leaf, gave it a little crumble and used double sided tape to stick it to a branch. 

crumbled leaf

That's it! 

paper bag leaf on branch

Now you could also use book pages which another crafter did on Pinterest, but I like the simple look of the paper bags.

branch with paper leaves

The paper bag part was easy, the hardest part for me was finding a branch. Our yard has like one tree and it didn't lose any branches. 

So out on my morning walk I ran across the perfect branch and carried it with me for 2 miles. This wasn't the craziest thing I've carried home from a walk.

As soon as I got home I cut out the leaves and taped them to the branches. 

paper leaves on a branch with a ladder and wreath

The hardest part of this project was photographing it against a wall of windows with the sun shining in. 

That cute ladder was another DIY project from years ago, I love it here! 

paper branch on shelf

I think the simplicity of this branch screams fall without being too much.

fall paper leaves on a branch

Give this easy project a go with paper bags, newspaper, book pages, or even colored paper.

fall leaves from paper bags

The best part is that it is almost free!


pumpkin and paper leaves



You may like the cement bead garland that hangs from the riser in the photo, another Homeroad DIY project. 

top shelf with wreath, leaves and ladder

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branch with paper leaves



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