Recycled Halloween Ghost

Every year I make a ghost from something repurposed for the front of my house. 

Sometimes I spend money on the project and sometimes I don't. 

This year I made a cute ghost stake to plant in the ground by my mailbox and it didn't cost me a cent! 

You can even make it light up! ...

ghost at night

I hope I didn't scare you! 👻

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I began this fun ghostly Halloween project with some pillow stuffing. You can buy a bag of stuffing or you can just tear apart an old pillow and use the stuffing inside like I did. 

pillow stuffing ball

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I rolled the stuffing into a ball and wrapped it with a small piece of a set of curtain sheers I saved. You can find sheers at the thrift store most of the time. 

I closed the fabric with a zip tie and pulled the fabric toward the bottom to create my head. 

ghost head with zip tie

Next, I grabbed a wire hanger, bent the hook straight and stuffed it inside the neck of the ghost. 


hanger bent for the ghost arms

ghost head with a wire hanger

I cut the hanger wire with wire cutters and pushed them up on both sides to create arms.

ghost head with wire hanger

I needed a pole so I'm using a metal pole from a curtain rod. I zip tied it to the back of the hanger and up the back of the head.

black pole in back of ghost head

I stuck the pole into a drawer so I could continue building my ghost. 

ghost in drawer on a pole

I draped a few sheets of the sheer curtain fabric in several directions over the head. 

sheer fabric over ghost head

Then I tied a piece of fabric loosely around the ghost's neck to create the form. 

ghost with a neck

Next, I cut 3 ovals out of black felt and used hot glue to attach them to the head. 

black felt face and scissors

I tied raffia around the ghost's neck and created a bow. 

ghost with eyes a mouth and a raffia bow

ghost with broom

At this point I wasn't loving the curtain hems all over my ghost so I cut them off and fringed the edges of all the layers. 

fringed layers of ghost fabric

I used a dot of hot glue in several places on the ghost to prevent the layers from moving. 

ghost with fringed layers

The drawer wasn't working well when he got heavy so I had him standing in a jar of epsom salts on the pole while I work on him. 

ghost made from curtain sheers

I hot glued a small broom to one arm for decoration. You can find these brooms at Dollar Tree. 

My DIY recycled ghost looks great in a basket indoors...

indoor halloween ghost

but my real plan is to stick him by the mailbox to scare the neighbors! 

Last year I made a light up ghost from a repurposed topiary cage!

outdoor Halloween ghost near flowers

I think he's pretty cute!  He can get wet and the light sheers will dry quickly.

One year I made a hanging ghost with a witches hat! 

Another year I even turned a wine bottle into a ghost! 

Halloween ghost outdoors


You can even add lights on Halloween night to make him light the night! 

ghost with lights at night


Make a few and stick them all over your yard!

By the way that FALL sign is a double sided DIY project, just flip it around for the next holiday! 

outdoor ghost at front door.


light up ghost at night

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Halloween ghost in a basket

Black and white DIY ghost with Halloween graphics



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