Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Renovation

Now that I've lived through it, I'm going to show you our new kitchen.  After living in our house for 27 years this amazing update was much needed...

finished kitchen

Here is the kitchen before.

My biggest problem was having to go around that peninsula every time I needed to get to the dining table.

kitchen before

My cabinets were chalk painted at one time a while back. 

I am that person that changes the look of every room at least once a year. 

living room covered with plastic

If you're counting that's 27 times! 

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I refurnish furniture so I'm always selling what I made and replacing it with something new. 

To be fair, styles have changed in 27 years too!  That dark green cabbage rose wallpaper I thought looked good at one time was replaced with a yellow tuscan look and then finally several years ago,  I decided on a light and bright neutral pallet. 

My downstairs is a fairly open floor plan with a bump out (you can see at the far end of the photo below) that the previous owners had done. 

open floor plan

The kitchen was not really attached to the dining room area so it was not used other than for a pass through and to house many pieces of furniture. 

dining room filled with furniture

It was definitely time for a full renovation and my dreams of renovating the kitchen were about to come true. 

Everything had to go! What was not sold got packed up and moved to the basement! 

kitchen getting ready to demo

My son-in-law owns a contracting business so my life was in his hands, 3 or 4 weeks he told me...

Here is a video I made of the old kitchen. 

Anyone who has ever had any work done knows that you really need to double that time frame, son-in-law or not. 🙄

The first thing they did, while we lived upstairs and made our microwave meals in the garage, was to demolish the existing kitchen. 

Easy enough! 

demolition of the kitchen

The hard part was that my entire downstairs had hard wood floors and we were sanding and refinishing all of them, some even needed to be replaced. Everything on the whole first floor had to be moved out. 

first floor renovation with wood floors

We were also widening the doorways to create more of an open plan so there was a lot of work being done by a lot of people.

widening the doorways

We chose our stain color, Provincial and moved over to our daughter's house while they finished the floors. 

floor stain choices

stained floors

With the floors now covered, we moved back in and the electrical work was getting done. 

We had LED high hats installed throughout the first floor. 

high hat lighting

During this time there were appliances and furniture to order, accessories to buy, and rugs to choose. 

The cabinets finally arrived, they were installed by a local third party.

cabinet boxes in living room

After a few delays, the cabinets were installed.

kitchen cabinets being installed

installing cabinets

After a few little countertop mishaps, the kitchen was finally coming together! 

white kitchen cabinets

This is going to be the coffee bar and pantry area. 

coffee bar and pantry area

We had hanging pendants installed with bubble glass and matching sconces on the upper walls. 

white kitchen

There is plenty of light in the space now! 

The eating area is the extension that was added before we moved in, it's the perfect place for our dining table. 

dining table and chairs with shelf

In the living room we added a barn door with frosted windows to let the light shine from both sides of the house. 

living room with barn door

The whole process took 8 weeks and while we are still waiting for a few drawer fronts, the kitchen (and first floor) I've always wanted is finally complete. 

finished white modern farmhouse kitchen

living room

The family is over, I've got grandchildren on the counter and life goes on in a bigger and brighter space! 

I am not going to lie, this was hard! If you are someone like me that likes to have all your ducks in a row... they won't be. For 8 long weeks my ducks were all over town! 

messy kitchen

I can relax now and my family and I can enjoy our home! If you're on Instagram you should be able to see the video of the whole tour at Christmas below! 

Thanks for coming with me on a tour of our kitchen. I'll be happy to answer any questions below in the comments. 

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