DIY Farmhouse Mini Mantel Ladder

I made this mini ladder several years ago and it's been on my mantel ever since. I add it to every seasonal display and it always looks amazing! It is easy and you're going to want to make one of your own.
fall mantel with ladder

I needed a small rustic ladder for my mantel displays so I decided to build my own.

The mantel above is a Fall mantel with DIY Autumn rustic blocks.

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ladder for mantel

I used an old piece of 1" x 2" wood I had in the basement and a few spindles from the back of an old chair.

If you don't have spindles available you could use thick dowels available in the craft store. 

vintage spindles

You might want to read about what I did to the rest of that chair too.

First, for the sides of the ladder, I measured the 1" x 2", found the center and cut it in half. 

The size you make your ladder is entirely up to you! 

                    ladder with grapevine wreath

I drilled pilot holes evenly spaced down both sides of the side wood pieces.

And then I drilled pilot holes into the ends of each of the spindles so the wood wouldn't split.

Next, I  screwed the spindles in place.

ladder and cement manequin statue

The 1x 2" sides of the ladder were new wood while the spindles were old and gray so they didn't match.  

I used a vinegar/steel wool solution to paint the new wood, making it match the spindles and look aged. 

Next, I mixed a chalky grey paint with a little of the vinegar/steel wool solution and washed it over the whole ladder. 

The color now matched and the whole ladder looks like I found it that way! 

When all was finished, I hammered a few old tacks into the wood to give it some character.

sides of ladder

Here you have it... a mini ladder to decorate a mantel for any occasion.

As I said, it is always on my mantel, this one highlighted the cement paint treatment I did for an early Spring mantel. 

mantel with mini ladder and clock

You can read all about that DIY grain sack ribbon I made for the ladder here.

ladder with grain sack ribbon and a wreath

Here is the ladder on my Thanksgiving mantel along with an easy Thanksgiving banner I made to hang there. 

thanksgiving mantel with thankful banner

The mini ladder is so easy to decorate using a chain with clips to hang seasonal decorations including this American flag flower pocket I made recently

flag flower pocket on ladder

I also used the ladder on a Christmas mantel one year and it looked beautiful with all the tiny white lights. 

ladder with white lights

ladder with a wreath and mannequin

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And finally, here is how I decorated this ladder for Fall

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